Monday, 22 August 2011

Facebook The Comicbook 2: Achievements - Comic Book Now Available

It's been three years (almost) since the first Facebook The Comicbook, and seeing as the world of social networking is just as absurd as its always been, I thought it was time for a sequel.

This collection focuses on a growing trend for unlocking achievements while the rest of one's life goes down the pan, but also takes time along the way to muse on grammar Nazis, Bejewlled Blitz addiction, the potential danger of "Liking" things, and the real reason Facebook keeps changing our privacy settings.

It's a 48 page, full colour large format book, it looks splendid, and is available directly from Bedsit Press by sending £7.50 (postpaid) via Paypal to

Here's what Geek Syndicate had to say about it:
"In a second slice of the pie, Stapleton returns with more of the same: a social critique of the social networking site and the way it works. This can be found on the amazon kindle site.

If you are a fan of part one you will be a fan of part two as Stapleton's razor sharp wit returns with more of the same. Stapleton uses the same tactic as he did before by showing how absurd some of the traits of Facebook are like in the real world. Stories such as gaming addiction and the grammar Nazi are brilliantly executed. Yet the standout story of the book has to be the man that likes everything. This story will definitely make you LOL. The stories are split up well, leaving you wanting more in the right places and happily surprised when they return for their next installment. Further the differing Facebook users is ingenious, focusing on Stapleton's biggest strength: his satire.

Again the artwork will not blow you away but that does not deter from your enjoyment as Stapleton has created a thoroughly enjoyable script. Again, as with part one, although the price is very reasonable for a comic book, I worry that people may not see this for a kindle ebook. This book is worth every penny however and you should be urged to check it out.

Facebook: The Comic Book 2 is the perfect companion to part one. It is a witty commentary on the social network that is worth taking a look, just like its predecessor."

Here's the front cover, and some sample pages:

From Facebook The Comicbook 2: Sample Pages

From Facebook The Comicbook 2: Sample Pages

From Facebook The Comicbook 2: Sample Pages

From Facebook The Comicbook 2: Sample Pages

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